What is Centering?

CenteringPregnancy® is group pregnancy care in a comfortable and supportive environment.  When you Center, you receive premium pregnancy care that provides:

    • Better outcome for you & your baby
    • More time with your provider
    • Connection with fellow moms
    • Easy access to more resources
    • Transportation assistance to visits
    • Snacks!
Why Centering?
Better Care

CenteringPregnancy follows the recommended schedule of ten prenatal visits, but each visit provides expecting moms with two full hours of meaningful activity, giving you more time and attention in your pregnancy care.  In addition to group discussions led by your provider, you also take an important and active role in your pregnancy at each visit, recording your own weight and blood pressure, and during private, one-on-one time with your provider for belly checks.

Community Building

CenteringPregnancy provides a relaxed environment for women to connect and have a more personal pregnancy care experience.  Centering enables you to build friendships and support systems with other expecting moms who are experiencing the same things as you.  You’ll gain more knowledge and confidence hearing other moms’ questions during group discussions and you’ll benefit socially as you learn and discover together.

Easy Access to Resources

The extended length of each visit gives you more time to access and learn about important resources that keep you and your baby healthy.  These include behavioral health and well-being, dental care for you and your baby, pediatric/well-baby information, tips from local community experts, breastfeeding support, and more!  Plus, transportation assistance is provided free of charge to ensure that you can make it to each visit.

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Funded by a Community Grant from the March of Dimes and Anthem Foundation Inc.