Dental Hygienist


Harrisonburg Community Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We offer a competitive salary, full benefits, flexible schedule options, great PTO package. Highly desirable location—Harrisonburg is a small city with 3 colleges/universities, located 30 minutes from Shenandoah National Park, and two hours south of Washington DC, but with a very reasonable cost of living. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Dental Hygienist is board certified or board eligible licensed practitioner who is responsible for providing patient care and working with health center providers and staff to ensure quality outcomes for center patients. The Dental Hygienist will work with the Dental Director to maintain center policies, procedures and protocols and assist in strengthening provider productivity, provider recruiting, center strategic planning, and ensuring center compliance with FQHC requirements.

The Dental Hygienist is responsible for the removal of hard and soft deposits of stains, calculus and plaque from teeth as well as administers preventive dental care in a community health center setting. The Dental Hygienist shall report to the Dental Director as their immediate supervisor. The Dental Hygienist will be provided an employment contract that may elaborate on specific productivity as well as other activities.

The Dental Hygienist and HCHC will negotiate any agreement for dental hygiene practice outside of HCHC, providing such practice does not interfere with the hygienist’s obligations to the Center. This position is authorized to work in any location approved as within the scope of HCHC by HRSA.


Unrestricted license to practice dental hygiene in the Commonwealth of Virginia and cannot be sanctioned under Medicaid or Medicare. The position requires a comprehensive knowledge of primary dental hygiene care in outpatient settings. Knowledge of the principles and practice of modern dental hygiene as related to public health organizations and community health programs as well as current social and economic problems pertaining to public health and their impact on primary health care. The Dental Hygienist must be cognizant of the prevalent stressors and their impact on the patient populations in the community health center primary care settings. The individual in this position must also be aware of pressures, economic and otherwise, from private, public, and legislative areas as they mold the climate in which public health agencies operate. The Dental Hygienist of the center must be able to creatively work with the Dental Director as well as other health care professionals from a variety of disciplines to achieve maximal productivity and programmatic effectiveness while continuously promoting the growth and development of the dental clinic, and displaying good work judgment.

Current CPR (BLS) certificate required.


Hearing:  Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job, such as:  auscultating blood pressure, ability to hear soft voices.

Speaking:  Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job, such as:  clearly communicating instructions, performing assessments, taking patient history, relaying information to multiple personnel, patients and their families.

Vision:  Visual acuity within normal limits.

Other:  Must be able to prioritize, have cognitive reasoning, able to mathematically calculate for drug therapy.

TO APPLY:  Send resume to Terry Martin, HR Director, at

Posted on 6/5/20